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Fetuin-A is a hepatokine with a role in the regulation of mineralization, metabolism and the cardiovascular system.

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Fetuin-A levels are known increased in obesity-linked diseases. To date, the role of fetuin-A in autoimmune thyroiditis has not been thoroughly investigated. Subjects and methods In our study we investigated the association between thyroid hormone levels, thyroid antibodies, the components of lipid metabolism, anthropometrical parameters and fetuin-A.

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We enrolled eighty-six patients 7 men, 79 women, mean age 43 ± 13 years, median BMI All patients had autoimmune thyroiditis with various thyroid hormone status from hypo- to hyperthyroidism. Thyroid hormone levels, anti-thyroperoxidase aTPO concentration and lipid parameters were measured by routine laboratory methods.

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Results Median serum fetuin-A level was Mean fT3 and fT4 mu endocrinology 4. However, we could not find correlation between fetuin-A and aTPO levels. Conclusions The significant correlation between fetuin-A and fT3 levels might indicate a regulatory effect of T3 on metabolism.

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However, further clinical investigations are needed to clarify this relationship. Volume 73 European Congress of Endocrinology Online.

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